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7 Awesome Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Websites/Blogs

Making money out of writing a blog or operating a website is a common way to earn money online. As of today, setting up a website would be a 5 minute installation by using WordPress if you do not know coding. And, that is good enough for blogging. But, the problem is you can only make money out of it if you have enough traffic to your website or blog. Today, I will highlight some of the ways you can do to generate traffic into your website.

1.  Optimzing Your SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer. It is the way Google finds your articles. If you do it right, Google will find it easy to show your contents in the search results, and you have more chance to get the clicks linking into your website as well. This is the technical part, and its general keys are your article key words, lengths, and the backlinks of your websites. Since this is technical, you may have to spend some time understanding it if you are so new to it. However, you can learn it. It is not too difficult.

2. Social Networks

To many bloggers, social networks have been their main source of generating traffic into their websites for free. What you can do about it is creating profile page with your blog name in as many social networks as possible such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You will also need to build your fan page in these social network sites.  The more fan you have, the more likely you can more traffic.

3. Promote it through Google Adwords

This is an effective but expensive way to get your traffic, especially if your target countries are big countries like Canada, USA, and Australia. However, if you want to experiment that, you can and see if it is effective, and return is worth the investment. If it works, you can keep going with it.

4. Buy the Traffic

On internet, there are many companies who are working to sell traffic to website or blog owners. And, usually, they have their own blog network which they can link your sites into. Some of them have also got the fan page in social networks like Facebook with million of likes. That is how they could generate traffic to sell to the customers. Some of the companies are such as Taboola and Maxvisits.

5. Exchange Links

Another possible way is to exchange links with other bloggers of the similar topic to yours. Usually, bloggers have their own online community. What you can do is getting involved with them, make friends, and find ways to exchange links with them. By doing this, both will help generate traffic to each other.

6. Giving Away Free Contents

There are some websites on internet such as medium.com, ezinearticles.com, and freestickly.com where you can submit your articles there. That is who you are publicizing your blog and your quality contents to the large audience in that community. That is a good source to generate traffic to your website.

7. Using Email Marketing

The last option here is you can create a newsletter weekly or monthly and send it to all the email addresses you have. More or less, you will get your websites to the right target you are seeking for.

However, you will have to know that generating traffic to your site is so time consuming. Do not expect the results to happen immediately, and you will have to be very patient and persistent if you want to be successful on this.