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5 Awesome Healthy Habits and A happy Smiley Day

Not surprisingly, we all live our days with some bad lazy habits. You can be lazy with anything, but you have got to make sure it is not with these 7 habits because these will make up a future for your health. If you could do these every day, it will become a part of your life and make you a happy and healthy smile very day.

1. Sleep Well

It is recommended that  a person should sleep at least 8 hours a day to be healthy. However, this is just a general comment. The amount of time you need will depend on you specially also. The quality of your sleep is another issue. So, make you feel you have a peaceful and enough sleep in the next morning.

2. Cleaning  Your Teeth

Having a healthy mouth is having health teeth, and you need to brush them up every morning to have one. Actually, brushing your teeth in the morning will make you feel fresh also. Many people know this, but some time they are too lazy to do it, and it is even more dangerous to not do it and go outside to meet people.

3.  Exercising 

Fifteen minutes a day for exorcise is very healthy habit. This can also refresh your morning energetically. You will fee more active during your day if you start it with some exercise. Exercise can be done m many ways and places. If you do not have much time, you do not need to go to gym all time, you could find some activities and do besides your bed. That will also do. Exercising is recommended to do in the morning because this you still have more energy while in the evening, you may feel very tired out of your work already.

4. Eating Healthy 

Eating healthy is about eating the right food with the right amount. You have got to understand the state of your body right now and find out what kind of food is good for your health and how much of it is best. Do not eat like you want to, or you will become fat and unhappy. It may be difficult at the first time, but once it becomes your habit. It will live with you without any resistance.

5.  Talk Right and Play Right

During your day, you will have to talk, play and work with other people. You could do anything you want, but you have to be careful with provoking arguments with others as well. That could destroy your day in the bad mood, and you will look unhealthy.